Justin Bieber Acting Selfish for Christmas

December 24, 2010 By:
Justin Bieber Acting Selfish for Christmas

You'd think Justin Bieber wouldn't be asking for much this Christmas based on how much he already has.

But apparently he has a huge ticket item on the top of his list for Santa! According to reports, JB wants a cart this year.

And if anyone's to blame, it's Usher, who thought it was appropriate to get Biebs a car on his 16th birthday.

“I got a car for my birthday, Usher helped buy it. Maybe he will get me another car for Christmas,” Justin said.

“My mom is trying to figure out something to get me...I do like fast cars.”

And while that may seem ridiculous, at least Justin is giving back. He says he's a pretty good gift-giver when it comes to his family members.

“I spoil my family, really,” he said.

Maybe he could just pull an Oprah and buy everyone their own cars this Christmas! he can definitely afford it!