Justin Beiber Is in Bed With PETA Now

December 14, 2010 By:
Justin Beiber Is in Bed With PETA Now

Another celebrity has sold his soul to PETA—the animal rights group has claimed the innocent Justin Bieber as their latest celebrity whore spokesperson.

In the latest ad, JB cuddles with an adorable pooch named Bijoux who looks like he’s going to bite Justin’s little nugget fingers off. The slogan reads: “My World Includes Compassion for Animals. Yours Should Too.”

Seems harmless enough, until the PETA president starts showing up at Bieber’s house unannounced demanding he pose for the “I’d Rather Go Naked” campaign next.

Pretty soon, Justin can kiss all those multi-colored kewl hi-tops goodbye—Nike better get a jumpstart on their faux leather line stat.

Justin played into the campaign perfectly with a heartwarming story about his pound pup Sam. “We moved to a city where we didn’t really know anybody, so I kinda wanted a friend around. And Sam was kinda like that friend,” Bieber explained.

“My Dad and I used to go and hang out … just go and visit the different animals and stuff. It’s really important that people adopt. I really encourage going out to an animal shelter or a place where you can get a dog that has been abandoned or doesn’t have a home.”