John Mayer Uses Justin Bieber to Raise Money

October 28, 2010 By:
John Mayer Uses Justin Bieber to Raise Money

Comedy with a good cause--John Mayer and a group of celebs are featured in this PSA urging folks to donate money so children in third world countries can reach Justin Bieber's age.

Justin: "I'm Pretty Powerful"

"Almost a million people a year die of Malaria, and out of that number 85% die under the age of Justin Bieber," John says with a serious face. "Next year we'll go Jonas Brothers," he jokingly added.

A slew of celebs are then featured asking folks to donate $10, which is the cost of one Malaria net.

A spokesman for the campaign said: “Every 45 seconds a child dies in Africa from malaria but humor can keep malaria in the spotlight and in the conversation too.”

The video is hilarious, but the cause is serious. To donate money or learn more check out or text "NET" to 85944.