Hear Justin Bieber's New Song 'As Long As You Love Me'

June 11, 2012 By:
Hear Justin Bieber's New Song 'As Long As You Love Me'

Justin Bieber released a new song and dare I say it, this song might be better than “Boyfriend.”

The new track “As Long As You Love Me” is a steamy love affair song set over an electro track and like any good pop hit nowadays, there is a dubstep breakdown. Yep, Justin Bieber struggles to sing “Love me” over the schizophrenic throbbing of the dubstep beat.

His lyrics boast “As long as you love me. We could be starving. We could be homeless. We could be broke.”

So romantic, or whatever. Is this song about Selena Gomez? Because there is no way the combined incomes of Bieber and Gomez would ever render them homeless.

He also sings “As long as you love me, I’ll be your platinum, I’ll be your silver, I’ll be your gold.”

No idea what that means at all. Clearly, Justin Bieber is of the Chris Brown school of songwriting - It’s okay if it's confusing and vaguely mentions gold products, as long as it’s got a techno beat.

The song features rapper Big Sean. Big Sean is signed to Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, but his own album didn’t get the recognition that he does when he lends a rap to other artist’s tracks. He’s been featured on Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Kanye West's songs just to name a few. Big Sean is the go-to-guy when you want a random rap breakdown in the middle of your song.

“As Long As You Love Me” might be an ode to the 1997 Backstreet Boys hit of the same name or it’s just a random coincidence.

He also shouts out to other '90s group Destiny’s Child. “You can be my Destiny’s Child on a stinger. So don’t stress. Don’t cry. We don’t need no wings to fly. Just take my hand.”

Later this month, Bieber will debut his NBC special “All Around the World” on June 21.