Former Bieber Fling: He Wooed Me with McDonald's

August 12, 2013 By:
Former Bieber Fling: He Wooed Me with McDonald's

Damn, Biebz! Boy’s got some mooooooves.

According to this particularly amusing report courtesy of Page Six, by way of The Sun, Justin Bieber’s once upon a time fling, Milyn Jensen, told the publication that the singer charmed her with a side of McDonald’s French fries.

In December of last year, the two were initially introduced to one another through a mutual friend, Lil Twist, while partying in Hollywood. When they left the nightclub, Justin drove her and a few other friends to a nearby McDonald’s where he ordered himself two double cheeseburgers and some fries.

Later in the evening, she says she and Justin stayed at a Beverly Hills Four Seasons luxury penthouse suite filled with white roses.

“He offered me a drink,” Milyn recounted. “I’d only taken two sips before we started messing around. Suddenly we were kissing and I started to take off my clothes, it was a natural thing. Justin knew what he was doing like a man much older than his years. I felt like he’d had a lesson or two.”

Milyn claims she was in the dark about his relationship with Selena Gomez at the time and was “absolutely shocked” that she was the reason for their breakup.

“I hate being the girl that broke them up,” she said.

Milyn will appear in the upcoming season of “Bad Girls Club: Miami.”