Exclusive Details: Justin Bieber's Alleged Paparazzi Attack

May 29, 2012 By:
Exclusive Details: Justin Bieber's Alleged Paparazzi Attack

Justin Bieber is hating the headlines lately.

The “Boyfriend” singer allegedly got physical while fending off cameras on Sunday. The incident occurred when a romantic afternoon with girlfriend Selena Gomez was interrupted by an aggressive paparazzo who reportedly blocked their vehicle.

Sources tell Hollyscoop the paparazzo is meeting with his lawyer today.

Despite rumors, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tells Hollyscoop that Bieber is not a wanted criminal.

“Justin Bieber is not wanted by police,” the spokesperson told Hollyscoop. “Yes, he will most likely need to be questioned by police but that will not happen until they gather more details.”

According to the spokesperson, a few witnesses have already been interviewed along with the paparazzo who filed the report.

It all started when Biebs and Gomez were on their way out of a Calabasas shopping center called The Commons. The paparazzo taking Justin’s pic allegedly blocked his custom Mercedes van from leaving the parking lot. A physical altercation reportedly ensued.

TMZ reports a lawyer approached the paparazzo after the incident and informed them that they could make a lot of money. A 911 call and ambulance visit later and it would appear that the Biebs is in some hot water.

But it’s all up in the air…

Bieber has yet to be charged with anything and police are unsure what, if anything, will come of the case. An investigator will be assigned on Wednesday. What happens to Bieber will depend on what the investigator finds.

On thing is for sure. If it is all true, the investigator will find out that the paparazzo was not just a victim, but a gigantic pansy.

Seriously… how does Bieber beat anyone up?