Did Sean Kingston Steal Justin Bieber's Car?

September 25, 2012 By:
Did Sean Kingston Steal Justin Bieber's Car?

You can’t escape a bad lie, no matter how fast your car is!

Sean Kingston tried to pull a fast one on reporters when he showed up with a date at BOA Steakhouse this weekend in Justin Bieber’s chromed out Fisker Karma. The 22-year-old rapper claimed JB gifted the ride to him, but the “Boyfriend” singer has since rebutted the claim.

Video capturing Kingston’s fib has been posted on celebrity news site, TMZ.

“I’m going to be honest. I got it as a gift, man,” said Kingston.

Then, he just got cocky with his fake story…

“When you’re best friends with one of the biggest artists in the world, you get all different types of gift. And this is one of them,” he continued. “It’s the new Fisker coming out. And he decided to give his big boy a gift.”

Kingston told paparazzi that Justin left the car in his driveway and said he could drive it any time that he wanted.

But, to JB’s recollection, the exchange played out a little differently…

Sources close to Bieber say that the sports car was not a gift but a loan. Sean asked Justin if he could borrow the car to help impress his dinner date to which Justin agreed.

A tweet from Justin’s Twitter seems to back the claim, calling Sean’s account “funny stuff.”

Today, the car is back where it belongs. And, by that I mean Justin’s garage. Meanwhile, Sean is waking up Fisker-less with some explaining to do, both to Justin and the date that he swindled.

Take note, kiddies… The truth will always prevail.

Check out Kingston and the Fisker Karma in this video below!