From George Clooney to Jennifer Aniston: Celebrity Alias Names Revealed

January 7, 2012 By:
From George Clooney to Jennifer Aniston: Celebrity Alias Names Revealed

When a celebrity goes out in public, it's a big deal. They have to wear a floppy hat and oversized sunglasses, and even then the paparazzi will still find them.

So when a celeb checks into a hotel or reserves a table at a restaurant they usually use a fake alias so nobody knows it's them.

Was the "Bella Lovelace" staying in the hotel next to you actually Lindsay Lohan? Was the "Dr. Doolittle" that checked into the airport actually Michael Jackson? Here are some of the celebs with bizarre aliases.

Justin Bieber: When Bieber doesn't want to get nabbed by millions of screaming fans he goes incognito by using the pseudoname "Chandler Bing" which was the name of Matthew Perry's character on "Friends." However, I'm sure when Justin uses that name he is probably greeted by an entirely different kind of screaming fan, namely, women in their 30's who like coffee shops and watch the bonus content on their limited edition "Friends" DVD.

Paris Hilton: When Paris Hilton checks into hotels that aren't Hiltons she uses the name of her beloved pooch, Tinkerbell - which is so obvious. When I hear the name "Tinkerbell" I don't even think about Peter Pan's sidekick, my thoughts immediately drum up images of Paris Hilton's tiny dog.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: When this couple goes out together they use the joint alias of Mr. and Mrs. Pilaf, which is totally cute because it's kind of like Mr. and Mrs. Pitt and also Mr. and Mrs. Smith, except it's Pilaf, like the rice!

Johnny Depp: Depp has the weirdest pseudonyms. He's been known to check-in to hotels as Mr. Drip Noodle, Mr. Stench, and Mr. Oddpong. He says he chooses these bizarre names because he likes hearing the concierge staff try to say them when he gets his morning wake-up call. Uh, Mr. Drip Noodle? This is your 8am wake-up call.

Kim Kardashian: Kim's alias was finally outted earlier this year when she checked into a hotel under the name Princess Jasmine. Let me repeat this one more time. Kim Kardashian calls herself Princess Jasmine. I'm going to let that soak in while I laugh until it hurts.

Michael Jordan: When he checks in to hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas, he uses the name "Clark Kent" and "Mr. Sterling." Is it weird that he has aliases specifically for Las Vegas? Yes, it is weird.

George Clooney: Known for his pranks, Clooney once checked into a hotel with the name Arnold Schwarzenegger. Which is funny because, well, because it's hard to pronounce and also, it's just funny okay? George Clooney is the prank master, don't second guess anything he does!

Kid Rock: For years, Kid Rock has checked into hotels with the name Dick Grayson, which is the real name of Batman's sidekick Robin. So his alias is the real name to a fictional character's alias. Confusing? You betcha!

Michael Jackson: Besides covering his face in a mask, Michael Jackson went by the name "Dr. Doolittle" when he wanted to go unnoticed. However, I hardly think Dr. Doolittle is an igcognito name? Didn't that guy, like, talk to animals?

Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay's alias is also the name she used for her short lived facebook account: Bella Lovelace. The name is a homage to the porn star Linda Lovelace who Lindsay was supposed to play in the movie "Inferno" before she got replaced. Well, if you can't get movie roles anymore, you can always change your name and pretend like you still do.

Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer Aniston's alias is "Mrs.Smith" which is kind of awesome and also sad. I'm pretty sure she chose it because it's referencing her ex-husbands film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" which is the movie where Brad met Angelina Jolie and began their affair. That's pretty sly, Jennifer Aniston. Good job.