Celebrities with Hidden Talents

April 22, 2012 By:
Celebrities with Hidden Talents

Celebrities are talented people, obviously. However, there are some stars out there with some weird hidden talents. Who is a pro ping-pong player? And who can put a rubiks cube together in one minute? Find out here!

Kristen Stewart: Did you know Kristen Stewart is also an excellent juggler? Weird, I know! She showed off her ball juggling skills on the George Lopez show last year and apparently Rob Pattinson wanted her to juggle and hulu hoop onstage when they presented an award at the MTV Movie Awards, but she shot him down because she thought it would be “embarrassing” which is almost as embarrassing as being good at juggling.

Taylor Lautner: Since we’re talking about Twilight stars and their weird talents, Taylor Lautner is an excellent grape eater. Ok, that doesn’t sound impressive, but basically he can catch grapes in his mouth thrown from like 30 feet away. Believe me, it’s cool!

Jennifer Garner: Jennifer Garner is actually a damn good saxophone player. She once appeared on the Donny & Marie Talk Show (remember that?) and showed off her sax skills. Before she got into acting, she wanted to be a professional sax player, but then the whole “getting famous” thing happened, and that’s so much cooler.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: Apparently Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are experts at something called “Speed Scrabble.” They’ve challenged Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria Parker to games of Speed Scrabble several times.

Susan Sarandon: Susan Sarandon is a closeted…ping pong player. Yup, she even opened up a club in New York called SPiN. Yes, this is a real place.

Halle Berry: Halle Berry is secretly very talented at playing the flute. Apparently she played it in school and is just a super great flutist. Is there a biopic about a flutist she can star in?

Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber once put together a Rubik’s cube on live TV in 84 seconds. I don’t believe it! It’s got to be rigged! Apparently, Bieber is a closeted nerd.

Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson has a not-so-secret hidden talent as a pigeon racer. He races pigeons professionally, which is weird, but you can’t say it’s not a talent.