Celebrities We Want to Spend the Holidays With

December 25, 2012 By:
Celebrities We Want to Spend the Holidays With

Everyone’s got his or her Christmas or (insert your holiday of preference here) gift wish list, and us at Hollyscoop are no exception to that rule.

In honor of the holiday season, here are some celebrities we’d like to ring in the holidays and the New Year with.

Chris Brown: Along with being able to party like a rock star, the holidays with Breezy would offer one important incentive: meeting Rihanna. Just remember to bring your hockey mask for punch protection!

Barack and Michelle Obama: I mean, have you seen these two political lovebirds together? It’s adorable. More importantly, thinking about Barack reading “A Night Before Christmas” over an open fire just warms my heart… 

Justin Bieber: Because he’s friggin’ Justin Bieber. #swaggy

Justin Bieber’s Dancers: Because they’re awesome to travel with.

Lindsay Lohan: With a probation violation hearing scheduled for next month and whispers of impending jail time, this might be our last chance to see her before she heads back to the clink for an indefinite amount of time. 

Suri Cruise: Nothing says “The Holidays” like the fiery eyes of a child juiced up on the idea of presents to come. Which is why Suri Cruise might be fun to hang out with this Chirstmas. She’s cool and sassy, or as one HS staffer put it: a “diva.”

Charlie Sheen: “He’d make your crazy relatives seem normal,” one staffer noted. No argument there…

George Clooney: We’d be warm hanging with the Silver Fox at his Lake Como pad in the Mediterranean climate. Also, you got to imagine that the Academy Award winner has got some top quality scotch on tap.

Oprah: As long as we’re dreaming big, we might as well go for the biggest option out there: Oprah. She probably give you a sweet gift too—You know, like a small country. 

David Beckham: “…’cause he's good eye candy,” one HS office member noted (who may or may not be one of our founders…), adding, “Victoria can come too, so I can get fashion advice from her.”

Niall Horan: Our in-house boy band enthusiast couldn’t help but daydream about what it would be like to spend the holidays with likes of One Direction. Though, she had some reserves…

“I’m not about to break up Haylor ... so Niall he is my second fav anyway,” she noted.