Bieber's Haircut Costs Him 80,000 Twitter Followers

February 22, 2011 By:
Bieber's Haircut Costs Him 80,000 Twitter Followers

You know how you can tell you got a bad haircut? When you lose 80,000 fans. That’s right, someone Tweeted that Justin Bieber lost 80,000 Twitter followers after cutting off his signature locks. Unbeliebable. Sorry.

Apparently, when he announced news of his new ‘do, 80,000 little girls collectively punched their computers, stomped on their Bratz dolls, and, after calming down and thinking rationally, decided the best thing to do was to stop following him on Twitter.

The claim hasn’t been confirmed, but I wouldn’t be surprised. This is what twelve-year olds base their musical tastes on—haircuts. Sorry, Moby, you're screwed.

In related news, Justin is getting his own wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York, London and Amsterdam. Bieber expressed his gratitude:

“To be immortalized in wax alongside some of my idols -- Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce and my mentor, Usher -- is incredibly exciting and very cool."

And not to worry, Beliebers. The figure will feature his old haircut.