Bieber Dancers' Adorable Airport Flashmob

December 12, 2012 By:
Bieber Dancers' Adorable Airport Flashmob
Well, this awesome thing happened today...
While grounded at Atlanta International Airport, Justin Bieber’s battalion of talented and creative backup dancers took to putting their downtime to good use. The group recorded a choreographed dance to “Beauty and a Beat” right in the terminal.
YouTube user and choreographer Nicholas DeMoura posted the video on his account with this caption offering some backstory:

“So our flight got cancelled in atlanta and Johnny said imagine if we just started dancing in the terminal...So i pulled out my camera and BOOM this happened!!!”
Nicholas DeMoura was referring to Johnny Erasme, a dancer who appears in the video with Bieber-esk swag…
In the impromptu music video, a group of about ten dancers all sit frustrated over their travel woes. After a brief exchange, the group gets up and begins their dance number, which is surprising well rehearsed. 
They dance in unison on tables, on chairs, in the terminal’s center walkway… At one point they even improve, then lip-sync to Nicki Minaj’s rap.
Meanwhile, fellow travelers pass by, doing their best to pretend like this is not actually happening… 
The clip has already reached “viral status” on the video-sharing site, generating over 200,000 views since it was posted on Wednesday.
Erasme shared his excitement at the immediate hit this video appears to be, tweeting: “Wow! Almost at 200k views in just 1 day! #TeamBieber goes hard!”
Check out the video for yourself here!