Angry Fan Lied About Justin Bieber ‘Beached Whale’ Story

December 11, 2013 By:
Angry Fan Lied About Justin Bieber ‘Beached Whale’ Story
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Earlier this week the Internet imploded with laughs when Justin Bieber supposedly called a fan a “beached whale.”

We didn’t really believe he would say that, as it was just SO outlandish. Well, it turns out Bieber didn’t.

A source from Justin’s camp told Hollyscoop exclusively that Justin never made those comments and a separate source at the hotel pool where the verbal smack down supposedly went down told us a different story entirely.

An eyewitness at the pool said there WAS a fan who was trying to get into Justin’s “VIP” pool area, where he was hanging with his entourage.

The girl tried to get close to Bieber, but his bodyguards turned the girl away.

Other than this dissed fan, the eyewitness told us Bieber stuck to his entourage and didn’t really interact with anyone aside from a blonde girl he was photographed quasi-flirting with.

Our theory? The fan that was shut out from Bieber’s area got a little angry and leaked the fake “beached whale” story herself.