Akon: Justin Bieber is the Real Deal!

May 17, 2010 By:
Akon: Justin Bieber is the Real Deal!

If you think Justin Bieber is just some one-hit wonder who will be gone by summer, you’d better think again. Not only does Usher (who discovered Bieber) think he’s super talented, so does Akon—and he knows a thing or two about raw talent (Akon discovered Lady Gaga).

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“I think Justin Bieber, we have so much history,” Akon EXCLUSIVELY told Hollyscoop at KIIS FM’s Wango Tango. “I'll let him tell you though. He is amazing. That kid deserves everything he is getting. He is a hard worker. He always wanted it, since he was seven.”

So was it luck that got Justin Bieber to where he is? Good timing? Akon told us, “He caught the market at the right time. He caught that window right when there were no child stars out there. On top of that he is talent, he is real talent.”

Speaking of real talent, Akon said Gaga is definitely an icon, despite being a “newcomer,” like Christina Aguilera classified her as. “I think she is the future legend of this time. I think Madonna was the legend of their time and Gaga is definitely hers at this particular moment. She will definitely be one of those leading icons along side of Madonna and Cher,” he told us.

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Akon thinks Christina’s comments about Gaga should be taken as a compliment. “That just shows that Gaga is influencing not just only fans but even the professional entertainers, and that is a lot to say,” he explained. “I mean, thank you Aguilera. Really. All you can do is thank her, she is helping take the movement to the next level.”

We’ve been dying for Akon to collaborate with his protégé, so we asked if there was a chance he’d be working with Gaga any time soon. “Well you know...I'll let you know in a minute,” Akon said.

Hey, he didn’t say no! We’ll be looking forward to the possibility!