10 Things You Didn't Know About Justin Bieber

June 22, 2012 By:

In case you missed it, Justin Bieber was on YouTube Presents last night with Jimmy Fallon to kick off his #NightOfBIEBER.

We are happy to share some things we learned last night that we will commit to memory, and cherish forever.

1) If you find yourself responsible for his meal planning, he loves Indian food, especially Tandori Chicken and Naan, oh and Ramen Noodles

2) He thinks Beyonce is sooooo cute, which would have come out as “sexy” if he hadn’t been so well groomed on the PR front. And speaking of sooooo cute, he hopes to one day collaborate on a song with her.

3) He’s making a movie about basketball starring Mark Wahlberg. Slam dunk.

4) Is he going to make another movie? He hopes so… and so do we…

5) On the video game front, he keeps it old school with Mortal Kombat – and votes for Scorpion all the way

6) If he weren’t famous, he would consider being a firefighter (picture the outfits people!)...or, totally unrelated, a writer. Though according to a fan site, he filled out a questionnaire saying he wanted to be Chuck Norris.

7) And, though this isn’t a popular stance to take, he’s anti-Twilight! I can relate B, stand strong, we will all unite one day.

8) Uhm…. He loves clowns… and wizards (?)

Yeah, and if you don’t really want to end things on that note, you can watch the interview yourself.