10 Reasons Justin Bieber’s Heading For A Breakdown

March 8, 2013 By:
10 Reasons Justin Bieber’s Heading For A Breakdown
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As self-professed celebrity “experts,” we are convinced Justin Bieber is about 2 weeks away from a full-fledged celebrity breakdown.

We’re talking umbrella through a window, paparazzi beat-down, celebrity mugshot FULL OUT BREAKDOWN.

Here are 10 reasons why Justin’s breakup with Selena Gomez was the worst thing that ever happened to him and why he’s totally losing it now.

1.) Twitter Rants: Bieber went on a 10 part twitter rant two days ago, which was not far off from Charlie Sheen’s meltdown of 2011. Bieber’s rant included posts like “rumors, rumors, rumors.” More like, crazy, crazy, crazy.

2.) Smoking Weed: If we’re talking “drug scandal,” smoking weed won’t exactly land you in NA, but for squeaky clean Bieber…getting caught smoking a fat one when the average age of your fans is 12…you might as well be sitting atop a pile of the white stuff in the heart of Colombia.

3.) Angry Fans: Showing up late to a concert is par for the course for any musician. If your ticket stub to a Kanye West show says 8 p.m., he’s most definitely going onstage at 11 p.m. Showing up late is part of the artist swag and the entitled nature that comes with being famous, but when your fans are young like Bieber's are, you can’t start a show at 11 p.m., when concert goers have to make it to carpool at 7 a.m. the next day.

4.) His “Worst Bday”: Justin Bieber got kicked out of a nightclub on his birthday because he tried to get his underage friend Jaden Smith and underage “girlfriend” from the UK into the club. Then, because he’s a pouty little baby, he tweeted “worst bday.”

5.) His Random Hook-Ups: Now that Bieber is single, he’s flexing that pop star status and just getting all the random underage UK tail he can pull. He’s not even hooking up with celebrities, just random club rats. He’s basically just Russell Brand at this point.

6.) His Label Puts Him In Time-Out: After Bieber showed up 2 hours late to his show, his record label reportedly sat him down and said, “You aren't Chris Brown. Get it together.” Essentially.

7.) Bizarre Fashion: Those rare moments when Bieber actually has a shirt on, he’s dressing like a straight up clown, OR wearing a gas mask. Michael Jackson wore a surgical face mask before he went crazy too.

8.) He Collapses: Whether you call the “on-stage collapse” a PR stunt or an actual meltdown, either way, “exhaustion” is just the first step on the way to rehab. Just ask Demi Moore.

9.) Lil Twist Sucks: Bieber’s buddy Lil Twist is SUCH a bad influence. He got Bieber ADDICTED to weed (okay, marijuana is less habit forming than caffeine, but whatever) and he crashed Bieber’s car TWICE.

10.) He Attacks Paparazzi: Justin Bieber just threatened a paparazzi earlier today after leaving the hospital where he was supposedly “super sick.” He was yelling at the paps, “What the f*ck you say? I’ll f*cking beat the f*ck out of you.” Yeah, Bieber is most definitely losing it.