Movie Review: "Jumper"

February 15, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

Doug Liman, the accomplished director of such films ranging from "Mr.
and Mrs. Smith" and "The Bourne Identity," all the way to "Go" and my
personal favorite, "Swingers" is back with his latest feature "Jumper."
A fast-paced, 88 minute, action adventure that allows the audience to go on a
journey with the character. An exciting and
entertaining good time almost the whole way through, "Jumper" had me
enjoying everything it had to offer, until it's abrupt finale. So much
more could have been offered if the filmmakers chose to extend the
running time just a bit longer and given us a better explanation of the
things to come.

One day, at the age of 15, as David Rice (Hayden Christensen)
unexpectedly falls through the ice of a nearby lake, he realizes he has
the power to teleport. Teleporting from a near death by drowning
experience and ending up in an isle of books at a nearby library, David
becomes curious on how his power actually works. Realizing the he can
teleport anywhere in the world at will, David leaves his little house
in his little town and begins to live his new and magnificent life in
New York. In dong so, David leaves behind his father and his high
school love interest Millie (Rachel Bilson). As years pass, David
realizes that he is not the only one that has the power to teleport.
Also, David becomes aware that these so called "Jumpers" have been
around for thousands of years. Coming in contact with another fellow
"Jumper," Griffin (Jamie Bell), David is informed that this wonderful
anomaly he was blessed with is not all its cracked up to be. Griffin
tells David that there are people who for centuries have sworn to kill
off all the "Jumpers" in the world. Now, David and Griffin must work
together to save themselves, along with Millie  -who is also in danger-
from nemesis Roland (Samuel L. Jackson).

With unexpected cameos from Diane Lane and Kristen Stewart, "Jumper" is
plenty enjoyable. Hayden Christenses completely regains his acting
achievements in this one, after he made me sit through his performance
in "Awake." Rachel Bilson, since making the jump from TV to the big
screen has really surprised me with every performance she has
presented. I have been a fan of Jamie Bell since watching
"Chumscrubber" and he's just as good in this one. Michael Rooker
-always fun to watch- as David's father William was just as he always
is... Good! Again, the abrupt ending ruins what could have been, but
altogether, I enjoyed the short, simple, entertaining 88 minutes of

Pat the Movie Critic gives "Jumper" --- 3 Scoops.