Julianne Moore Picked Acting Over Her Husband

August 12, 2008 By:
Julianne Moore Picked Acting Over Her Husband

Julianne Moore is such a successful actress, but she waited until she was in her thirties before even pursuing her career! She left her husband John Gould Rubin, whom she was married to for nine years, and decided to start her life over.

But she had major doubts when she first decided to make the move, because she feared she was too old for Hollywood.

She says "I was unhappy in my mid-thirties and trying to make it in movies. I thought 'It's now or never'. I left our home in New York and traveled nearly 3000 miles to Los Angeles to get a new life. I remember sitting on the plane thinking 'What on earth is going to happen to me?'."

That sucks for the ex-husband, but what an amazing story for Julianne! She's such a great actress! Just goes to show you…never say never!