Julianna Moore Takes on Sarah Palin in the Latest "Game Change" Movie Trailer

January 31, 2012 By:
Julianna Moore Takes on Sarah Palin in the Latest

Julianne Moore is playing Sarah Palin in a movie, or as Sarah Palin would put it, ‘capitalizing on pretending to be me.’ You know, the same way Matthew Broderick capitalized on pretending to be Ferris Bueller.

Anyway, the upcoming movie, Game Change just released another official trailer, and this time, it fully showcases Moore’s talent in the film. Politics aside, this movie has an awesome cast, including Julianne, but also with Ed Harris and Woody Harrelson.

First of all, the trailer starts off with a Jimi Hendrix song, so you’re already like, “Woah-oh, I know this song. Let me pay attention…”

The movie is based on the book of the same title, and focuses on how Palin was hand-picked as Sentator John McCain’s running mate. The plot is pretty much summed up with this line:

“She’s a great actress…why don’t we just give her some lines?”

“You’re telling me what to say, what to wear, how to talk...” Palin says in the trailer. “I am not your puppet!”

And the flick also chronicles all of Palin’s media goofs, or “gotcha” moments, if you will.

“It wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t properly prepped,” Moore says, as Palin, talking on her cell phone in a stairwell.

It’s not exactly pro-Sarah Palin.

Julianne also delivers a few of Sarah’s famous lines:

“You know what they say is the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.”

“You can actually see Russia from land, here in Alaska.”

And while it is a political film, it’s not without its little quips:

“I have to win this thing,” Moore says in the trailer. “I so don’t want to go back to Alaska.”