What Some Of Your Favorite Stars Are Doing This Summer...

July 6, 2012 By:
What Some Of Your Favorite Stars Are Doing This Summer...

We’re nearly halfway through summer and before you start lamenting that summer is almost over - which means it’s almost fall! Which means it’s almost Christmas! Which means it’s almost 2013 - here are some of the A-listers summer destinations, which might help you make your own vacation plans this year.

The stars tell Hollyscoop where they are staying this summer!

Bridesmaids beauty Rose Byrne says she’s heading to London and is doing it incognito! “I’m staying at Soho hotel, under a different name,” says Byrne.

Other Bridesmaid star Melissa McCarthy says she’s planning on a staycation, “I have been traveling…for two months, I just want to go home and stare at my kids.”

Hollywood’s newest "it" girl Julianne Hough tells us that she doesn’t know if she’ll even have time for a summer vacation! “I don’t know, I’m going to be shooting the entire summer. Hopefully the minute this is done in August, we’ll do something really nice!” says Hough.When she says “we” I think she means her and boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.

Newly minted Chippendales dancer Joey Lawrence says he’s heading to the Aloha state. “I will be going to Hawaii. We go there every year for two-three weeks, so we’re going in August,” says Lawrence, “[My] favorite beach, I like the Wailea beach in Maui.”

Wilmer Valderrama says he hasn’t locked down any summer plans but does know where he wants to go, “I used to go to Zuma, I still kind of go and roam around there. When I really, really want to go to a beach, I fly out to Miami.”

Joel McHale deserves a vacation more than anyone, he pulls double-duty appearing on “Community” and “The Soup” and says, “I’m going on vacation for the first time...since 2004, [I’m going] the week after next week for two weeks in a row.” He won't tell us where he’s heading but jokes, “it rhymes with Whack-a-ma, That’s right, What-a-ma, I’m not going to Whack-a-ma.”

Where are you vacationing this summer? Will you head to one of these celebrity destinations or maybe you want to jet off to Maui like Britney Spears? Tweet us at Hollyscoop!