Julianne Moore Victim Of Jewelry Theft

October 4, 2012 By:
Julianne Moore Victim Of Jewelry Theft

Julianne Moore – the Emmy winning actress who most recently played Sarah Palin in “Game Change” – has been the victim of jewelry theft! Gasp! I thought jewelry theft only happened in animated cartoons from the olden days!?

The actress was mugged of over $127,000 worth of jewels from her NYC pad while she was out of town and the apartment was under construction.

Wait, this happened in NYC? Did they double check to make sure Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have it? She has a way of lifting jewelry…I’m just saying…

The theft reportedly happened between June 6 and August 28 while Julianne was in Toronto filming the remake to classic horror film, “Carrie” which stars Chloe Moretz, which I’m super excited for! But I digress! Back to the jewels!

Apparently 10 pieces were stolen, seven of which were from Cartier!

The most expensive piece was a $33,000 Cartier platinum diamond tennis bracelet.

It’s assumed that the theif was one of the 25 construction workers that were working in her home during the summer, proving that some construction worker has really good taste in fine jewelry.

I don’t know if Julianne has so much stuff she didn’t realize the jewelry was missing, but she only filed the police report on Monday.