Julianne Hough Sets the Record Straight About X-Factor Gig

April 11, 2011 By:
Julianne Hough Sets the Record Straight About X-Factor Gig

According to online reports, Julianne Hough was thiiiiiis close to landing a judges spot on the new X-Factor. But according to Julianne, she's never even auditioned!

Several reports online in the past few weeks suggested Julianne was desperate to be the next (and last) judge on the show and that Simon thought she had a great look for the show. But it turns out it was a completely fabricated story!

"That is a rumor. I have not auditioned or spoken to them at all about it," Julianne told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY at the Odyssey Ball Dinner on Saturday night where she performed.

“Of course [I'd be interested], but I don’t know if I’d have the time to do it. I’m going out of town to Miami on Monday to shoot “Rock of Ages," she added to HS. "It’s gonna be an amazing show though, good for Simon!”

She may not have time for X-Factor, but Julianne admits she always has time for the "King of Reality TV", her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.

“He works so extremely hard and everything that he does, he 100% deserves it. I’m very proud.”

Ryan is always gushing about his girlfriend Julianne, and we know why. She's an absolute sweetheart! “Anytime anybody says anything nice about you or me, I definitely blush. I’m a girl. You can never get enough compliments," she confessed to HS.

With both their busy schedules, they're going to tied up all summer, but Julianne is hoping for some QT with her man once her new movie "Rock of Ages" is done shooting.

Julianne told HS, "I’m shooting the entire summer so hopefully the minute it’s done in August we’ll do something.”

So what can fans expect from her new movie? “It’s a phenomenal cast. I’m in really good company. I know I’m gonna learn so much and this is my second film where I’m the leading role and there’s so much pressure because it’s such an amazing cast. To be in that is such an experience that doesn’t happen everyday.”