Julianne Hough: Ryan's Such a Romantic Guy!

November 16, 2010 By:
Julianne Hough: Ryan's Such a Romantic Guy!

Ryan Seacrest might play coy about his relationship with Julianne Hough, but she's all about talking about how amazing of a boyfriend he is.

Julianne was a guest on The Ellen Degeneres show where she confessed that her boyfriend buys her flowers all the time and that he's extremely romantic.

"Oh my gosh. He's phenomenal. He's really romantic. He's not even in town and I got in my car and there are flowers everywhere," Julianne said when speaking about Ryan. "And for my birthday, same thing. Like flowers everywhere. I was almost embarrassed. You walk in and you're like, "Is this my room? I don't even know." I'm kind of embarrassed."

Julianne later went on to say that the two of them are very compatible and she's very happy because he is a really nice guy.

I'm happy for two reasons! A) All those gay rumors can be put to rest and Ryan can stop nagging about it on the radio and B) Ryan has finally stopped sounding so bitter on his morning radio show. For a while there, it was getting bad and I listen every single morning. He seems so much more chipper these days! It' cause he's got a little Hough in him.