Julianne Hough Dishes On Ryan Seacrest And Tom Cruise

June 5, 2012 By:
Julianne Hough Dishes On Ryan Seacrest And Tom Cruise

Actress, singer, professional ballroom dancer with the stars and muse to Ryan Seacrest -- Julianne Hough has a pretty great life. In an interview for the July issue of Glamour magazine, she talks all about it.

The interview comes in conjunction with the release of much anticipated big screen version of the hit Broadway musical, Rock of Ages, in which Hough landed the female lead. To prepare for the role she was sent to rock star camp, learned how to rollerblade and got groped by Tom Cruise.

She plays Sherrie, a cocktail waitress/rock star hopeful who apparently at one point ends up with her boob in the hand of rock star Stacee Jaxx, played by Cruise. Hough says she quite nervous, but Tom the eternal professional, eased her nerves with high-fives between takes.

Ryan Seacrest Gushes About Julianne Hough

She was also figuratively touched by his genuine concern for her health when he encouraged her to slow down after an injury, “Tom came in and said, “No, this is what insurance is for, Julianne. You have the rest of your career. You need to take care of yourself!” And I thought, Tom Cruise cares about me! Now I can cry.”

Movie aside, lets get to the dirt. Though they have been press shy about their romance until recently, Hough has been dating Ryan Seacrest for about two years.

Hough reveals that upon her initial arrival to L.A., a mutual friend was trying to hook the pretty pair up, but Hough was engaged.Thankfully for Seacrest, it didn’t last, “I needed to figure myself out more, and so I moved to L.A. and we ended it. “ Good choice.

She first actually met Seacrest when he interviewed her and her Dancing with the Stars boyfriend on his radio show. Seacrest apparently flirted with her throughout the whole interview. Hough and the other guy broke up, she rocked the single life for about five months and now she’s been rocking Seacrest’s world ever since.

They might even have some engagement plans in the works!

Hough says both she and Seacrest share a very competitive nature, extreme workout routines, and a crazy intense schedule built around an obsessive work ethic. They also share some serious all-American good looks.

Want to read more about the two gushing over each other? Pick up the July issue of Glamour magazine and check out Rock of Ages, in theaters June 15th. For more on Ryan just turn on the TV or the radio, cause that guy’s everywhere!