Julianne Hough Desperate for X-Factor Gig

April 8, 2011 By:
Julianne Hough Desperate for X-Factor Gig

Julianne Hough is the latest celebrity desperate to get the last seat on the judges panel for X-Factor.

Hough, who is dating the 'King of Reality TV', Ryan Seacrest, had meetings with Fox executives earlier this week. But she faces some stiff competition from singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney, who has also met with show bosses this week.

“Simon believes Jesse has the right look for the show, and would appeal to both grandmothers and young girls,” a source said. “While Julianne looks fantastic on camera and has quite a high profile in the states.

“Cheryl would love Julianne to be involved as they’ve met through Derek. She would like a friendly face on board.”

So far L.A. Reid and Cheryl Cole are confirmed for the show--alongside Simon Cowell.

There was talks about Mariah Carey joining the judges panel, but dem babies on the way, I doubt she'll have time. Who would you want to see take the last seat?