Julianne Hough & Mom Tromp On North Carolina Beach

August 6, 2012 By:
Julianne Hough & Mom Tromp On North Carolina Beach

I don’t think Julianne Hough ever has a hard time finding someone to put sunscreen on her back.

On a trip to a North Carolina coast, Julianne showed off her big smile and her toned figure on a trip to the beach. The “Dancing with The Stars” veteran turned actress took a load off and gave beachgoers a treat for the eyes.

Julianne fitted herself in a skimpy bikini for a beach workout. The suit was a faded black and red getup with a tie top and tie bottoms. She wears aviators in all the shots.

The outing took place at Oak Island Beach. Her mom Mari Anne and her two dogs Harley and Lexi reportedly joined her on the trip. Boyfriend Ryan Seacrest was M.I.A.

Candid shots from the sunny day reveal a series of three different poses…

In the first shot, Julianne runs through ankle deep seawater. She looks over her shoulder at an unknown pursuer. In the background, frothy waves crash into the sand.

Another shot shows Julianne holding her puppy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She holds the pup in her arms, wading in the cool water.

And then there’s photo number three… The champion of the bunch.

Julianne does push ups in the tide. She looks off frame, likely toward her dog who’s not in the shot. She pauses in push up position, which just so happens to be a primetime view of her cleavage from the snapped vantage point.

Julianne last film Rock of Ages opened soft at the box office, but it didn’t exactly slow down her career. She is currently signed on to appear in three more films next year, including a project from Juno writer Diablo Cody.