From AnnaLynne to Courteney Cox: Best Beach Bodies

July 29, 2011 By:
From AnnaLynne to Courteney Cox: Best Beach Bodies

Summers here, so that means it’s time to head to the beach, work on your tan, and start sun-worshipping celebrities who probably look better in their bikinis than us common folks.

Although AnnaLynne McCord is not technically at the beach in this photo, you can’t deny that McCord has one of the most enviable beach bodies. Whenever I feel tempted to drive through McDonalds, I think to myself WWMD (What Would McCord Do?) and most of the time, I don’t end up shoving my face with processed cow parts.

Ciara is strolling along the beach looking super laidback, but why does she need to worry, she’s always been known for her six-pack abs and doesn’t miss an opportunity to wear midriff baring tops in all her music videos.

Maria Menounos, host of Access Hollywood, stops by the beach to show off her hot bod. Though she didn’t always look like this, Menounos dropped 10 dress sizes after college, from a 14 to a 4.

Courteney Cox may be 47 but can still rock a bikini. Granted, her trouty mouth suggests she’s had some help from the plastic knife, but still, this mom looks great.

Serena Williams was catching some balls, er I mean waves, and showed off her athletic beach body. While most celebs claim Pilates and yoga get them into shape to don a bikini, Serena just has to show up to work and that is her workout.

Julianne Hough wears a retro bathing suit while filming “Rock Of Ages” in Miami. It’s a no brainer she looks like that, she’s a former ballroom dancer from “Dancing With The Stars” and if you’ve seen the ridic outfits they wear on that show, you can’t have an ounce of flab.