Mirror, Mirror Trailer Starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins

November 16, 2011 By:
Mirror, Mirror Trailer Starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins

Because one film adaption of the Snow White story isn’t enough for some people, there’s another movie based on the Snow White story and it’s called “Mirror Mirror” and stars Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Lily Collins as Snow White. The trailer just debuted today.

Last week we saw the mega-popular trailer for a very dark interpretation of the Snow White tale that stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen. That movie was called “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

So, to be clear, there are two trailers out for two DIFFERENT movies about Snow White that will be premiering next year. If it gets too confusing, just refer to one of them as “The Kristen Stewart Snow White movie” and the other one as the “Julia Roberts Snow White Movie.”

However, “Mirror Mirror” is a much more lighthearted romp through the tired Fairytale. The opening line in the trailer features Roberts discussing Snow White’s supposed “beauty.” “Her hair is not black, it’s raven, and she’s 18 years old so her skin has never seen the sun so of course it’s good,” says Roberts.

Comparing the tone of the two movies, “Mirror, Mirror” is like the Shrek of fairytale adaptations and even comes across as a comedy in some ways. That is, if you think a Dwarf shrieking the lines “Snow White? Snow Who? Snow Way!” is funny.

Both Theron and Roberts play the evil queen in their respective adaptations of the story, but while Theron’s Queen is evil and bitchy, Roberts is funny and bitchy, in the same way that drag queens are funny and bitchy.

The Snow’s in each film are Kristen Stewart and Lilly Collins. Kristen’s Snow White constantly has wet hair and is holding some form of heavy artillery in every shot. Collins’ Snow White is about 10 seconds away from turning into a cartoon version of herself while little birds sing songs about doing housework. Again, two very different adaptations.

However, the heartthrob in each film is really a toss-up. In “Mirror Mirror” the heartthrob role is left to Armie Hammer who plays the prince. Because Armie Hammer looks like he should be modeling Abercrombie cargo shorts on a yacht while playing polo, he is perfect to play a fairytale prince.

In “Snow White and The Huntsman,” Chris Hemsworth plays the huntsman out to kill Snow White. If Hemsworth ever came up to me, holding an axe in the middle of the night in a snow covered forest, I’d go willingly.

So there you have it. “Mirror Mirror” or “Snow White And The Huntsman”…which Snow White flick are you more excited to see?