Julia Roberts To Play Lynne Spears In A Movie?

October 15, 2008 By:
Julia Roberts To Play Lynne Spears In A Movie?

This has “trainwreck” written all over it. That, and it’s been stamped with “never gonna happen.” Lynne Spears wants Julia Roberts to play her in a movie adaptation of the book she wrote, Through The Storm.

Lynne is already in talks with producers about making the film happen, and apparently there are studios that are desperate to obtain the movie rights to the book! Shocking!

Another rumor is that Anna Faris will be playing Britney Spears. What happened to the indie-lover in Anna? We kind of let it go after she did House Bunny, but this would be a deal-breaker for us.

Daily Mail is reporting that Britney was overheard saying this about her mother: “That woman doesn’t even seem like my mother any more. She will do anything to get herself more famous and make
more money off my name. It’s just unreal. If I could cut her out my life completely, I would.”

What do you think about the possible casting for the movie? Who would you want to see play Britney and Lynne?