Julia Roberts Freaked Out By Javier Bardem

August 12, 2010 By:
Julia Roberts Freaked Out By Javier Bardem

Most women would kill to work with someone like Javier Bardem, but Julia Roberts admits she was "terrified" to meet him in person because of his character in No Country for Old Men.

Julia and Javier star in Eat Pray Love together, which is out in theaters this weekend, and she confessed the initial meeting was a little strange.

“I was a little terrified to be around him after No Country for Old Men,” she said.

“I got over it but then I’m sorry to say at one point that he pulled out a picture of him from that movie. I’d just gotten a grip on the way he really looks and then he got me back. That was cruel but funny.”

So how did their chemistry play out on the big screen? Check out Eat Pray Love in theaters this weekend and you be the judge!