The Ages of Romantic Comedy Characters Might Make You Wanna Cry

February 4, 2014 By:
The Ages of Romantic Comedy Characters Might Make You Wanna Cry

We’re big-time suckers for romantic comedies. But honestly, did you know that these romantic comedy leads were SOOO YOUNG???

Like, so young you’ll wonder what you’re doing wrong with your life.

Julia Roberts was supposed to be 20 in Pretty Woman

By 20, she had already given up on making it in life and resorted to hooking!


Also, what is a gray-haired and very-much-older Richard Gere doing by falling in love with 20-year-old hookers?!


Julia Roberts is 27 in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Which doesn’t sound THAT YOUNG or THAT CRAZY except when you think that by 27 she thinks her ONLY shot at love is to RUIN her BEST FRIEND’S wedding because THAT’S HER LAST SHOT AT LOVE BECAUSE SHE’S 27 NOW AND NO ONE ELSE WILL MARRY HER!


Ariel as in The Little Mermaid Ariel was ONLY 16!

Girl, put on a Taylor Swift album and study for the SATs. Why you concerned about getting married at age 16? YOU’RE A FISH!


Rachel McAdams is only 17 when she meets Ryan Gosling in The Notebook

Sorry to everyone else who hasn’t experienced the MOST WHIRLWIND ROMANCE before they graduate from high school!


Katherine Heigl’s character in “Knocked Up” is supposed to be 24

We’re supposed to believe that she’s a producer on the same TV show that employs RYAN FREAKING SEACREST AND SHE’S 24!


Oh, we’re also supposed to believe that Seth Rogen is 23-YEARS-OLD. OKAY, LIARS!


Jennifer Grey is 16 or 17 in Dirty Dancing

High school. She’s in HIGH SCHOOL! It’s not even the weird old days when people got married at 14. This is the '80s, when cell phones were huge and people weren’t supposed to have torrid affairs in HIGH SCHOOL!


Kate Winslet is 17 in Titanic

Did you know that your favorite romance of all-time was about the romance between TWO KIDS? It’s normal to feel like a pervert right now.


Speaking of teenage romance…


Juliet was 13 in Romeo and Juliet

At 13, she’d experienced the most love she was ever capable of and DIED from her capacity to love!