Jude Law's Baby Mama Offered $200K for Tell-All

September 16, 2009 By:
Jude Law's Baby Mama Offered $200K for Tell-All

Jude Law’s baby mama has been offered a huge stash of cash to tell her side of the tale of getting knocked up by the Brit bachelor. Model Samantha Burke is pregnant with Jude’s baby and due later this year.

She came out last month to the media to admit she was the baby mama, and is now in discussions with several magazines to sell pics of her baby girl, whom she is reportedly naming Sophia.

According to reports, there’s $200,000 on the table for the tell-all which mags want to print in October, the same time Jude makes his Broadway debut in Hamlet.

! A source tells the New York Post, “The irony of the timing for the interview is not lost on her. She will talk openly about her relationship with Jude. While Jude has promised to provide for Sophia, Samantha doesn’t feel like his behavior towards her was entirely chivalrous.”

And despite the rumors, Samantha writes on her blog, “I’m no gold digger. I can’t tell you how far from a gold-digger I am. I’ve never dated a rich man in my life. I’ve always wondered how girlfriends of mine could even ask their boyfriends to buy them clothes.”

Well, with the way things are going for Samantha right now, she’ll be able to buy herself—and the baby—a decent amount of clothes with her next paycheck!