Jude Law Won't See His New Daughter

September 25, 2009 By:
Jude Law Won't See His New Daughter

Jude Law's baby mama shouldn't hold her breath waiting for him to actually meet his newborn daughter. Aside from being pretty pissed that he's a dad again, Jude is going to be away for at least three months because he's appearing in a theater production.

Jude's daughter, Sophia, was born in Florida on Tuesday and he'll be away in New York working on 'Hamlet' on Broadway until the end of the year.

A source told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Sadly, Jude will not be able to see Sophia until he finishes work on 'Hamlet' on Broadway in December.

"Jude is keen to see Sophia and will make sure that he visits her before he returns to Britain."

While Florida is literally just a quick plane ride away, Jude reportedly doesn't want to visit her "because of the media attention." Sure!

The source added: "Jude thinks that if he goes to Florida immediately, it will be a media circus. He doesn't see why he should give the paparazzi the pleasure."

Jude wasn't too thrilled about being a father again, so we'd be surprised if ever visits Sophie. He's reportedly only going to be in her life as a financial supporter. And we hear he's going to be coughing up a lot of money! Are you surprised by his actions?