Jude Law Not on Speaking Terms With Baby Mama

August 4, 2009 By:
Jude Law Not on Speaking Terms With Baby Mama

Jude Law may have promised to take care of his unborn child from Samantha Burke, but that doesn't mean he has to speak to her.

Jude is reportedly furious with his baby mama for getting pregnant because he was under the assumption that she was on birth control. According to sources close to Jude, they barely had a relationship together, so he's upset that it resulted in a baby.

According to the New York Daily News, Jude met Samantha outside New York’s 1OAK nightclub in January and he took her back to his hotel room.

An insider told the newspaper: "They actually met after the club had closed, on the street. He took her to a diner around the corner and then to the Greenwich Hotel, where he was staying. She stayed over that night.

"In the morning, Jude had to make his call time so he left her in his hotel room. When she took off, she left him her phone number, and after a few days, he called back and said he'd like to take her out to dinner. They never did make that dinner - they just stayed in his hotel room."

Jude was reportedly "stunned" and "shocked" to discover that Samantha was pregnant, and would only communicate with her through his publicist and lawyers.

A source said: "They don't speak. It was a brief affair anyway - they only slept together a handful of times. It was a fling, purely sexual."

As brief as their relationship was, Samantha's family is pretty pissed at Jude for questioning Samantha by asking for a DNA test. Well duh! Of course he's going to ask for a DNA test!

Samantha's grandmother Delores Burke said: "To say this family is mad at that man is an understatement. He has behaved as less than a gentleman. My son Denis is hopping mad. He feels that Jude Law took advantage of his little girl."

Regardless, Jude has already said he would be "fully supportative" of the baby, aka: take care of the baby girl financially, Samantha on the other hand, she never exactly had a relationship with Jude to begin with, so we're not quite sure what she expects to come out of this.