Jude Law Going After His Ex Wife

July 2, 2010 By:
Jude Law Going After His Ex Wife

Mess with Jude Law: get sued. Jude is taking legal action against his ex wife Sadie Frost in order to stop the publication of her upcoming autobiography Crazy Days.

Jude is reportedly terrified about the things she's going to confess about their relationship in the book and is freaking out about the release.

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“Jude is trying to injunct her to stop the book. She’s poured her heart out into this and is upset and hurt by what Jude has done,” a source told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

“She thought they were getting on very well — and suddenly he’s serving up a 100-page writ.

The source added, “It’s ironic, because he had been at her house earlier in the day and they discussed the book, which is going to be very honest. She knows he has reservations, but she’s let him read bits of it. She’s astonished he’s taken this step.”

What else can she tell us that we don't already know? He's a serial cheater and apparently a bad Dad, so it may be a snoozefest. Would you be interested in reading the book?