Jude and Sienna Caught Canoodling Again

November 23, 2009 By:
Jude and Sienna Caught Canoodling Again

Jude Law can deny he’s hooking up with old flame Sienna Miller all he wants, but his actions speak louder!

According to the New York Daily News, the two former lovers were caught yet again in New York City. And according to eyewitnesses, they looked like they were more than “just friends.”

The source says Jude and Sienna arrived at a bar called The Box on the Lower East Side on Thursday night after their respective Broadway shows. "They came in together and got a table with a few friends around 1 a.m.," the source said.

"At one point, Jude ordered shots for the two of them, and he was egging her on to take one. They were laughing a lot and whispering to each other - it looked like they were genuinely having a good time."

The insider continued, "Jude's a regular at The Box and a lot of people know him there. So he had a ton of people coming up to say hi to him, many of them female, but he really only seemed interested in Sienna."

At point, Jude reportedly took Sienna over to meet a group of his friends who were also in the bar, and led her through the crowded club by the hand. "It looked like he wanted people to see that they were together," the partygoer dished.

Has Sienna already fallen back into Jude’s arms? We know he’s probably a tough person to deny, but she should remember what he did to her the first time around! It’s like they’re both asking for trouble.