Celebs Who Probably Wear Toupees

September 29, 2011 By:
Celebs Who Probably Wear Toupees

Ah, the dreaded cul-de-sac of hair. Balding is to dudes what wrinkles are to women. Some guys choose to try and pull it off, but for most, balding is not a desired look. Especially when you're in Hollywood and you've spent the better part of your twenties in the spotlight, being chased after by tons of women.

Some celebs choose to age gracefully, and just shave it all off or do what they can with it. But others refuse to let nature take its course and decide to get plugs or hairpieces. We're counting down 5 celebs who might not be, but probably are, wearing toupees.

John Travolta: Either John Travolta is balding, or his hair magically grows whenever there's a red carpet event. Earlier this month, Travolta was seen not just balding—but bald. His hairline was nonexistent. Well, unless the back of your head counts. Sorry, John, but it's true. You had a good run as a Hollywood heartthrob, it's Justin Bieber's turn now.

Brendan Frasier: Back in 2003, Brendan Frasier looked like that white "precious" cat thing from Lord of the Rings. His hair was very noticeably thinning. A few years later, and his hair is back. Maybe it was plugs, or maybe it was a toupee. Maybe it was the power of the rings.

Matthew McConaughey: More like Matthew McCona-toupee. Hehehe. Okay, sorry. Back in 2007, TMZ questioned the actor's hair, pointing out that his once receding hairline was now covered up by follicles. His hairline seems to go back and forth quite a bit. Very suspicious. I say, rock that bald spot, Matthew. You're shirtless half the time anyway; no one is looking at your hair.

Jude Law: Jude Law's hairline has been receding for a while now. He showed up on The Late Show With David Letterman a few years ago, flaunting his baldness. Months later, he appeared in an ad campaign and his hair was suddenly…there. Toupee or not toupee? That is the question, my friends.

Jeremy Piven: Hug it out, or rug it out? The Entourage actor has been spotted out and about almost completely bald. His hairline has changed quite a bit since 2004. He even played an actor who was playing bald icon George Costanza during an episode of Seinfeld. It doesn’t get balder than that.