Food Network Star Hires Hitman for Wife

May 16, 2010 By:
Food Network Star Hires Hitman for Wife

Former Food Network host Juan Carlos Cruz was arrested for attempting to hire a homeless man to kill his wife.

The homeless men he allegedly tried to hire to kill his wife claims he was told he had to "cut [a] woman's throat," according to TMZ. He reportedly said he wanted someone to do "dirty deeds done dirt cheap."

According to the homeless man, Little Dave, Juan Carlos gave him a box, which contained a box cutter, a disposable cell phone, gloves and a pocket watch.

He says Juan Carlos gave him half of the money he was promised, 10 hundred dollar bills, and promised to give him the rest after the "deed was done." He claims that Juan Carlos even gave him a photo of what is said to be his wife with the money.

He reportedly told Little Dave that he picked up his wife at a certain place each day, and "he wanted one of the homeless men to jump out as she got in her car and slit her throat," according to TMZ.

So how did it all go down? Little Dave got arrested on a loitering charge, and told the cop about Juan Cruz's plan. The next day, the cops got in touch with all the men that Juan Carlos tired to hire and asked for their cooperation in busting him.

They all showed up at a park to discuss the plan with Juan Carlos and one of the men was wired and another was videotaping the meeting. Cops were nearby during the meeting and he eventually got arrested on Thursday on charges of solicitation to commit murder. More details coming soon!