Joy Behar Breaks Off Engagement

June 25, 2009 By:
Joy Behar Breaks Off Engagement

Who needs a husband when you have your own show coming out?? Joy Behar certainly doesn’t! the sassy-mouthed The View co-host decided to break off her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Steve Janowitz.

Joy issued a statement saying, "I'm getting my own talk show on HLN, so I don't have to get married anymore. Actually, I got cold feet again, so I don't know what I'm going to do. It's off the table.

"What'll happen is, when I decide to do it, I'll do it, and then everybody will know I did it. I can't make up my mind."

Usually it’s the guy that gets cold feet—not the woman! But Joy is such a free spirit, and so independent, that this news doesn’t seem to surprise us.

After being with her partner Steve for as long as they have, it’s like they’re married anyway! Plus, marriage is a curse in Hollywood for the most part, so Joy is probably making the right decision!