Joss Stone on Robbery Plot: 'It's All Good'

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Joss Stone on Robbery Plot: \'It\'s All Good\'
It’s been a hell of a week for singer Joss Stone. The English crooner discovered last week she was the target of a robbery—and possibly murder—plot.

Two men were recently charged with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm and rob the singer. Police frst found notes in a car that outlined plans to “rob and kill” Stone and to “find a river to dump her in.” They then reportedly found the two men near Stone's home, carrying swords, body bags and rope.

Stone seemed to take the news somewhat lightheartedly: “I’m fine. They didn’t manage it so it’s all good.”

Either she’s high, or she has no idea what just happened. Since she’s a musician, I’m going to go with high.

Joss Stone became international headline news when she was hand-picked by Prince William and Kate to perform at the Royal Wedding.

“I've done a lot of things for [the Princes'] charity and their Dad's," Stone said. "You meet William and Harry as you go along; they had me sing at their Mom's thing which was really, really nice. They're just lovely, they're just really friendly, funny, lovely guys. I was quite flattered actually to be invited."

Stone has an upcoming album set to be released with musician Dave Stewart.

“I had lots of fun making [the album] with Dave,” Stone said. “We went to Nashville for, like, six days and at the end of that jam we found an album in there which is quite cool."
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