Josh Hutcherson Nude Photo Leaked Online?

July 29, 2013 By:
Josh Hutcherson Nude Photo Leaked Online?

Here’s the latest rumor to blaze like wildfire through District 12 and beyond…a leaked nude photo of Josh Hutcherson.

The year is 2010. Or 2011. That’s the kind of blurry “facts” surrounding this murky report.

Obtained by celebrity gossip website Life of the Rich and Famous, the pic is from over a year ago when a then 20-year-old Josh used to apparently rove an online dating site using the name “Connor” to send naked selfies to random girls.

The photo is from the neck down, but the giveaway? A script tattoo along the hip that matches Josh’s. He now has a giant anchor tattoo on his torso, but again, this is allegedly a photo from well before then. It’s the only identifier—which leaves just enough room to cry “Photoshop” once this story makes its way to every Hunger Games fan's inbox this morning.

Whether it's really him or not—Josh and his team have yet to comment—this really opens the door for some Peeta/pen*s/bread-based puns. "Watch Josh Hutcherson's pita rise," for starters.