Josh Henderson: A True Cowboy Since Preschool

August 21, 2012 By:
Josh Henderson: A True Cowboy Since Preschool

The actor doesn’t just play the part on TV. He’s a real cowboy at heart too.

In a new interview with the new ambassador for SmokeStik Josh Henderson, the actor couldn’t help but delve into his cowboy roots. And, being born in Dallas, Texas, for the “Dallas” star, there’s no denying that those roots run deep.

For starters, the actor’s musical taste is pure southern comfort.

“Love country music,” said Henderson. “Always have. Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean are in my cd player now just to name a few.”

In pure Johnny Depp fashion, Josh was actually a musician himself prior to exploring acting.

“I started in music before I was an actor with a record deal right out of high school,” he said. “[I am] actually recording country music as we speak. That will be aired in season 2 of Dallas. VERY excited to be putting music out again!”

Season 2 of “Dallas” premiered on TNT earlier this summer. In the reboot of the long running CBS classic, Josh stars as John Ross Ewing where he is known to rock a cowboy hat.

And, if his country music past wasn’t enough to convince you, playing a cowboy comes natural for him, as he’s been doing it since he was a kid.

A photo from Josh’s preschool years shows the young actor saddled up on his horse. Along with a John Wayne smile, the youngster is fitted with a green vest and matching chaps, a red bandana, spurs and – yes – a cowboy hat.

In addition to “Dallas,” Henderson is attached to a project called Crashing Wall Street, which is currently still in development.

“Crashing Wall Street is an amazing script but unfortunately isn't real yet,” he said. “Hopefully will be real in near future though because think it has huge potential!”

We can't wait to see what this cowboy is up to next!