Josh Hartnett Sues Tabloid Over Sex Tape Rumor

September 9, 2008 By:
Josh Hartnett Sues Tabloid Over Sex Tape Rumor

Josh Hartnett is suing the Daily Mirror for running a story alleging he had sex in a public library and the whole act was caught on the surveillance cameras.

He's seeking damages and an apology for the story he calls "defamatory and unsubstantiated" and a "complete fabrication."

The story started at the Mirror, but, as most rumors do, spread to dozens of tabloids within the next few days.

An adult video company even offered him $500,000 for the rights to the tape. Red Light District CEO David Joseph said he would "encourage the owners of the tape to bring it to us," and that "Josh shouldn't be embarrassed. As we've seen with Paris Hilton, these tapes can make a career not hurt it."

Well, now that Josh has made it pretty clear that there was no tape, we can all just stop picturing him having sex in a public library.