Why Cops Escorted Josh Duhamel Off a Plane

December 3, 2010 By:
Why Cops Escorted Josh Duhamel Off a Plane

D-bag alert! Sorry Josh Duhamel…usually I love you, but this is douchebaggery at its finest.

Yesterday Josh was on a plane from New York to Kentucky, and he refused to turn off his cell phone. According to TMZ he had to be escorted off the flight by police!

According to the story, the flight attendant asked Duhamel to turn off his Blackberry three times, and Josh just kept thinking he was above the law. The third time the flight attendant asked him, he just laughed!

A passenger on the plane says the actor was "very rude" and "taunting the attendant."

Well, that got him pretty much nowhere, because the flight attendant then called police and had him escorted right off the flight!

Passengers were annoyed because Josh’s childish behavior delayed their flight. But it didn’t seem to affect Mr. I Live In My Own Little Bubble, because he was spotted at the airport bar right afterwards watching football.

His rep says he was texting that the flight was delayed when he was asked to turn his phone off, and that “he’s sorry.”

How pathetic is it that a grown man can’t follow simple direction asked of hundreds of thousands of passengers a day? It doesn’t help that he was sitting first class, and most likely didn’t even pay for that ticket. Celebrities are such brats sometimes!