Stripper: Josh Woke Me Up for More Sex

November 5, 2009 By:
Stripper: Josh Woke Me Up for More Sex

This story keeps getting more scandalous by the day. The stripper who claims she had sex with Josh Duhamel has now come forward with more shocking information.

34-year-old Nicole Forrester went on a radio show in Atlanta called The Bert Show, saying they had “lots of sex” at the St. Regis Hotel after he’d come into the strip club Tattletale where she works.

Now, to add to the mess, Forrester’s lawyer has come forward with more damaging info. Attorney Romin Alavi says Josh and Nicole watched a porno together, and proceeded to hook up. He also says his client told him, "They fell asleep together, and he kept waking her up to have more sex."

Alavi also tells Us Weekly that Duhamel never paid Forrester for sex but did give her $100 for cab fare.

Forrester also claims that Fergie's name came up once: She says, "After he told me his real name, I asked, ‘Are you Fergie’s husband?’ And he was like, ‘You know what you know.'"

Fergie visited Josh on the set of his new movie for two days earlier this week, so something is clearly off. Sources on set tell Hollyscoop exclusively that there's "a lot of tension on set, but no ones talking about it."

This is such a mess! Either this woman is a phenomenal liar, or Josh is in really hot water. It sounds like Nicole Forrester doesn’t plan on keeping her mouth shut. She comes out with more information about the alleged hookup every day!

At some point, Josh’s rep may want to release an official statement about the issue.

UPDATE: Fergie has just responded to the rumors surrouding her husband Josh Duhamel and the stripper Nicole Forrester.

Fergie tells Entertainment Tonight, "These allegations are nonsense."