Stripper: I'm Not Pregnant With Josh Duhamel's Baby

February 12, 2010 By:
Stripper: I'm Not Pregnant With Josh Duhamel's Baby

Nicole Forrester, the stripper that claimed she was having an affair with Fergie's hubby Josh Duhamel is denying that she's preggers with his baby.

There were reports earlier this week that she was telling friends she was knocked up and it was Josh's, but she's not even pregnant!

Nicole tells TMZ, "I am not pregnant!"

"Apparently, because of mistakes I made in the past they feel I'm fair game and can print whatever lies they want just to sell magazines – I want this to stop now."

She continues, "This has not only hurt me but other innocent parties, including my children, who have to deal with the bully tactics of other children – that is not fair."

Well maybe you shouldn't have sold the story of the affair in the first place! She talks about the stories hurting "innocent" people but she had no problem cashing the check she got for her "I slept with Fergie's husband" story.