Josh Duhamel on the Secret to a Healthy Relationship

January 15, 2010 By:
Josh Duhamel on the Secret to a Healthy Relationship

Josh Duhamel is one of the sexiest guys in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he’s already been swooped up by Fergie, who’s been married to the hunky actor for a year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to fantasize!

Josh stars in the upcoming film When in Rome, a romantic comedy about finding love when you least expect it. Those types of movies are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but this one stands out because of the great ensemble cast—Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Jon Heder, Danny Devito, and Will Arnett.

Hollyscoop sat down with the actors in the film to discuss the movie, and also got the scoop from Josh on how he maintains a healthy marriage while being in the limelight.

Josh had a very interesting take on what happens in the first few weeks of a relationship. He told Hollyscoop exclusively, Well this is what happens. In the first three months of a relationship, the brain releases what is called dopamine. And that elicits what is bliss, and it over takes you in a way. Afterwards, when that dopamine subsides you re-evaluate. But if your a Dopamine junkie you will just be a 3-month, 3-month, 3-month.”

As we know, Josh and Fergie are still going strong, so it’s safe to say they got over those new relationship butterflies. The couple just renewed their vows for their one-year anniversary, something they plan on doing every year now thanks to Heidi Klum and Seal.

Josh told Hollyscoop he and his wife also decided recently to stay home and take a few days off from their hectic schedules. “We just had a steak-cation at the house,” explained Josh. “We were going to go out, but she [Fergie] said NO we are staying in. You know where everything is at, you know where the food is at, we have our TV, dogs and our BBQ; what more would you want.”

Well, if we were married to Josh Duhamel, there’s not much else we’d ask for either. As for what else he’s learned along the way, Josh told us, “I've learned to listen. We are going on 6 years and it took me 5 ½ years to learn. I actually listened to her before but one trick I learned was if you listen they actually talk about things they want and you can just surprise them with it. You’re golden.”

Sounds like the total package to us! A handsome man who likes to stay in and listen to his wife?! We should clone Josh! You can drool over Josh and the gang in When in Rome, out in theaters January 29th.