Josh Duhamel Not Taking Career Break With Fergie

June 6, 2011 By:
Josh Duhamel Not Taking Career Break With Fergie

Transformers star/eye candy Josh Duhamel is getting ready for his upcoming flick, and he told Hollyscoop it might just be a religious experience.

“Tyrese [Gibson] said it’s going to change your life,” Duhamel told us at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. “I saw the whole movie and I think it’s good if not better than the other two, I really do. I think that because people are going to be surprised because it’s much darker than the other two.”

Between he and costar Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, I’m not sure most people will have time to pay attention to the plot. I'm sure we'll get some of it during Shia Labeouf's scenes. But between Whiteley and Duhamel, I feel sorry for all the movie ushers that have to wipe everyone's drool off the theater floors.

Hollyscoop talked to Duhamel’s Fergalicious wife in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago, and she revealed the two may be ditching the gym to get their workout in the bedroom. We asked Fergie if there were any baby making plans on their agenda.

“Oh yeah, of course. Not right this second. Not pregnant, for the record. But, yeah,” she told Hollyscoop.

Fergie is taking a break from The Black Eyed Peas, but Duhamel doesn’t have time to sit around making babies 24/7.

“I’m going to work, but when she’s home I’m going to try to be there as often as possible,” he told Hollyscoop. “I’m kind of young, I can’t just retire.”

For the sake of all of our visual gratification, no, you cannot.