Joseph Gordon-Levitt Asked Out By Fan With Cancer

November 16, 2011 By:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Asked Out By Fan With Cancer

Because the Marine Corps Ball is over, it's time to proposition more celebrities with offers they can't say no to. I love this game!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently starred in the comedy 50/50, in which a young man battling cancer gets dating and life advice from Seth Rogan.

Well, Lindsay Miller, who is battling the disease in real life, has uploaded a video to YouTube asking Joseph Gordon-Levitt out on a date:

"Hi, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I'm Lindsay Anne Miller and I recently saw 50/50. I think I identified with your character more than most people, because I'm 26, and I have cancer. Even though I look healthy, dating has been difficult, because I'm not sure how to explain what I've been going through. But after a year of living with this, I've decided to get back on the dating scene, and I'd like my first date to be with you. Maybe you could call it my 'Make A Wish', but let's not be overdramatic. Just a cup of coffee with you would make me happy."

This is a cute idea, but it could also be the most awkward date ever.

JOSEPH: Yeah, 50/50 was great. It was a difficult role to take on.

LINDSAY: Oh yeah, I bet it was real hard pretending to have cancer. That must've been hell for you to play a character that had cancer. How much money did you make to act like you had a life-threatening illness?

JOSEPH: So…you like sports?

Along with her video, Miller added a blog post:

"As you might recall, I saw the cancer comedy 50/50 recently and was impressed with it, though it was difficult emotionally for me to watch.
 Also, I didn’t admit this in my first post about it, but after seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance and seeing/reading some of his subsequent interviews about the film I thought, 'This guy gets it. And he’s cute. I wonder if I could ever run into him somewhere.' But even though I live in LA, it seems impossible to find him.
 Maybe YouTube can help…
OK, I admit: It’s ridiculous. And it feels like i’m making a big leap from being an anonymous cancer 'liver' a few months ago to now starring in my own video.
 But, life is short. So, why not?"

Actually, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt and this chick would make a really cute couple. She's good looking, she's got spunk, what's not to like?

Unfortunately, Levitt has been linked to Scarlett Johansson recently. But I totally think Lindsay can (and should!) post another video asking Scarlett and Joseph to break up. This chick is battling pancreatic cancer. It's the least they could do.