‘Looper’ Explodes Into Theaters This Weekend

September 18, 2012 By:
‘Looper’ Explodes Into Theaters This Weekend

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the action at the movie theater has to end too!

Looper, the latest arrival of the Sony Pictures brand, opens in theaters on Friday.

Following suit with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s recent stint with director Christopher Nolan, this new installment promises to be an action-packed, high-concept thrill ride.

The story follows Gordon-Levitt, who plays Joe, our hero, employed as a Looper - a.k.a. a hired gun for the mob who kills people from the future. Using time travel, the crime unit sends people back for Joe to kill.

Trouble starts, though, when the mob decides to “close the loop,” sending Joe’s future self back for him to whack…

Does your brain hurt yet?

Not to worry… The film’s trailer does a far better job at relaying the story while highlighting the juiciest, high-throttle sequences of the film.

Supporting Joseph is some top gun talent, with names on the credits like Bruce Willis as future Joe, Emily Blunt as love interest Sara, and Jeff Daniels as Joe’s boss.

“I cleaned you up and put a gun in your hand,” Daniels tells Joseph in a sneak peek of the film.

Willis, you may notice, bears a little more resemblance than usual to Joseph. That’s because Joseph’s facial features were digitally altered to match that of Bruce’s to help viewers stay onboard as the story lines jump back and forth through history.

Rian Johnson wrote and directed the thriller with Nathan Johnson’s providing an equally epic score.

Add to that sweet cars, guns and plenty of grit as promised in the promo photos and clips, and you’ve got a mega-hit waiting to happen.

Looper blasts into theaters on September 28.